Performance Tuning & Optimization

Websites and mobile applications continue to grow and evolve over time. If not properly maintained and optimized, your system response time — the length of time it takes to process a request (i.e. clicking a link, submitting a form etc.) — will continue to decline.

Unfortunately, this leads to customer frustration, declining conversions and damage to your business. Have your systems slowed to a crawl? Do you anticipate the need to rapidly scale? Let our consultants evaluate and provide an assessment.

Our consultants research the overall architecture of your application — from design, schema, code and infrastructure — to find performance bottlenecks and potential issues. After their assessment, they come up with solutions to address both short-term and long-term needs. Our team then develops and tests those solutions before updates are made to your website or mobile application.

Performance tuning assessments are necessary, especially for mission-critical applications that drive your business.

Tuning Services

Performance tuning services:

01. Database Tuning

Your database has outgrown its current environment, and due to an increase in CPU, storage and memory usage, your system performance has declined.

Our consultants can assess existing configuration settings, database architecture and optimize queries/code to improve system performance.

02. App Tuning

You have a Frankenstein-like web/mobile application that has been customized, developed and enhanced by multiple freelancer developers — each with their own design, architecture and coding practices. Thus, the system is difficult to maintain and performance has gradually declined.

Our consultants can address short-term issues to improve performance. They’ll also review code and develop a plan to address long-term sustainability.

03. Website and Page Speed Tuning

Your website has too many unused pages, bad CSS/JavaScript and large images that take long to load. Your site response time takes more than a few seconds and users are leaving in frustration.

It’s time to trim the fat and minimize the amount of resources being used. Page optimization tactics can be implemented to keep customers on your site and conversion rates high.

04. Platform Testing and Optimization

According to your website analytics, over 30% of your customers are accessing your site via mobile devices. However, your site performs poorly on mobile devices and is virtually unusable over 3G networks. Customers leave, and conversions are lost.

Our consultants can architect and create an optimal mobile experience for mobile customers wherever they are.

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