Managed Hosting Services

With Upspring’s managed hosting services, we handle the server administration and support for your website infrastructure so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Our experienced team of system engineers, administrators and developers provide proactive server and software maintenance, up-time monitoring and managed backups to keep your site and/or web application running smoothly.

We do the following in our basic managed hosting plan:

  • Monitor your website and domain to ensure it’s up and running
  • Watch traffic and performance levels for your website
  • Provide proactive recommendations to scale your infrastructure up (or down) as necessary

Typical economy hosting does not offer any assistance for the software your website runs on (Drupal, WordPress, etc.), especially if your website is compromised.
Your business deserves better.

What’s the difference between Upspring’s managed hosting and other economy hosting services?

Economy hosting is cheap for a reason. You’re basically on your own, and if your website goes down, you’re responsible for getting it back up. Getting back online typically involve long hold times and going through lengthy troubleshooting scripts with low-level support staff who have no knowledge of your website or business.

Upspring’s managed hosting service gives you peace of mind knowing that your site is constantly being monitored, backed up and is up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches.

Besides uptime concerns, typical economy hosting does not offer any assistance with the software your website runs on (Drupal, WordPress, etc.), especially if your website is compromised.

Types of Hosting

Website Managed Hosting

We have in-house experts in Drupal, WordPress, Craft CMS and most other common platforms.

Our website managed hosting service includes proactive maintenance and enhanced security measures to prevent issues that could take down and/or compromise your website.

This includes implementing the security updates and upgrades that get released for your website software. Similar to the software running on your computer or smartphone, there are periodic security updates and patches that if not implemented, will lead to your website being compromised. This will result in lengthy downtime and additional costs to get back online.

Application Hosting

We specialize in supporting web applications built on Ruby on Rails — from deployment, monitoring and maintenance.

Based on proven best practices and monitoring tools, our system administrators can provide insight and support to optimize the performance of your web application.

By leveraging our team and resources, you can minimize the time and costs associated with maintaining your application and focus on other areas of your business.

e-Commerce Hosting

Our in-house Magento experts can help take the pain out of your e-commerce management — from platform maintenance/upkeep to implementing critical updates. Our goal is to keep your e-commerce site online, so you can continue to generate sales.

Our e-commerce consultants can guide you through your site migration, help you with payment and shipping options and performance-tune your site to give your customers an optimal shopping experience.

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