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For most companies and organizations, digital marketing is no longer an add-on to marketing programs, but rather the key to growth and resilience in ever-changing industries.

Yet, with so many digital marketing offerings, it’s difficult to plot out an effective path that will lead to measurable results and remain within a budget.

That’s where Upspring can assist. We provide comprehensive and personalized strategic consulting to help businesses determine which digital offerings would have the most impact and how much of an investment is needed to achieve specific goals.

Data-driven marketing decisions, data-driven marketing results.

What are your digital marketing goals?

I need a plan!

  • To review analytics and assess digital marketing opportunities
  • To create a digital strategy, roadmap and timeline
  • To prioritize digital initiatives and marketing effort
  • To identify new digital marketing channels

Sales and revenue

  • To increase online sales and conversions by x%
  • To increase online leads by x%
  • To increase our online market share
  • To introduce new programs and promotions

Customer engagement

  • To increase shares, likes, followers
  • To grow our email subscriber list to x
  • To increase customer touchpoints and touch frequency
  • To migrate customers to use our new digital tools

Brand/reputation management

  • To build stronger connections with our customers
  • To communicate our brand’s benefits and identity
  • To manage and improve our online reputation

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Data-Driven Marketing

Here are some other digital marketing services we provide:

Strategy Development and Consulting

When we partner with clients, we delve deeply into their businesses and industries, clarifying KPIs and architecting digital roadmaps, whether the focus is increasing revenue, drawing new customers, building brand awareness or all of the above.

Our scope of work depends on the need of each client. While some clients request comprehensive strategy that encompasses every department, others seek targeted consulting for a certain division or initiative. In either case, we make sure clients fully understand our plans and recommendations, then work in conjunction with internal marketing teams to execute the strategy.

Google Ads
(Paid Search Marketing)

Every company and organization would benefit from a more prominent presence on Google, but determining which paid keywords would lead to the most website clicks requires research, thorough understanding of how Google operates and knowledge about the company and its goals.

Before managing a client’s Google AdWords account, we do extensive research and come up with a strategic plan to determine which keywords to buy; how much to bid on them; where to send people who click on them; how much a client should spend each month to see results; and whether display advertising would be effective. We provide monthly analytics, then adjust the strategy if needed.

Email Marketing

E-blasts and e-newsletters often provide the best opportunity for businesses to market directly to customers or potential customers. But with the glut of email, it’s important to carefully craft each message, whether the intent is to lead people to make ecommerce purchases, attend an event or simply visit the website.

Design and copy both have to be precise and effective, with clear calls to action, impressive visuals and carefully considered links to website pages. We assist clients with the entire email process, including designing templates, writing copy, funneling leads properly if a CRM is in place, then tracking results.

Email Autoresponders

If utilized properly, email autoresponders can help to convert leads and keep existing customers engaged.

Upspring consultants can program and configure email management systems to automatically send personalized customer emails —

  • if they left the site with items in their cart without completing the purchase
  • on their birthday, anniversary
  • when a particular product goes on sale at a location nearby
  • if you want to cross-promote a complimentary product to one they purchased
  • based on timing i.e. if it’s time for their next purchase (i.e. diapers, haircuts, food etc.)
  • to remind them they haven’t purchased anything in a while
  • when they sign up on the site

Social Media Strategy

It’s becoming increasingly difficult not just to attract new Facebook or Instagram followers, but to create engaging posts that draw likes, comments and shares. Most businesses now have social media accounts, but users are bombarded with content, and Facebook constantly changes its algorithm, making it hard for any business to establish strategy that will stick.

We help clients with:

  • Developing their social strategy
  • Figuring out what type of content to post
  • Whether to boost posts
  • How much to spend on boosting
  • How to attract new followers and encourage existing ones to engage with content.

Along with reviewing current content, we also help clients with:

  • Analyzing available social media data
  • Viewing competitors’ pages
  • Staying up to date with Facebook’s developments
  • Working with marketing teams on rolling out improved content in a strategic way to reap better results.

Data Analysis

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing digital marketing is the rich data that’s available in the aftermath. Robust analytics can be retrieved for websites, social media, e-blasts, Google AdWords, display advertising and more. But this data is only useful if it’s analyzed, compared to previous data, weighed against industry standards, then considered when making strategic recommendations.

We provide complete data analysis for all digital marketing, which includes making monthly strategic recommendations based on the findings. If you’re interested in ROI, accurately analyzing data is essential.

Content Creation

Developing creative content, whether it involves producing social media videos or writing effective and engaging marketing copy is our strength.

Our marketing team are creatives at heart and have extensive experience in writing, editing and video production.

We help conceptualize ideas, then either create the content ourselves or work with our clients’ marketing teams to produce work that resonates with audiences and customers.

When writing for websites, we make sure our copy includes keywords for optimal Search Engine Optimization and drawing traffic from search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


Obtaining website clicks from organic searches doesn’t happen automatically. Search Engine Optimization is vitally important for most companies, especially with Google continuously changing its algorithm.

We have tools to assess a company’s SEO on a monthly basis, then provide recommendations on what can be done both technically and content-wise to improve chances of Google leading people their way.

Instead of just responding to declining SEO, we work proactively, establishing the ideal website structure and content to increase our clients’ chances of being favorably ranked by Google and other search engines.

We can help you answer the following questions:

  • What platforms should you focus your digital marketing dollars on to maximize the return on your investment?

  • Should you start/continue investing in paid media channels (i.e. Google Adwords, Facebook etc.) to achieve your marketing and revenue goals?

  • How much budget should you allocate towards digital marketing efforts?

  • Do you have specific digital marketing goals identified? If so, are you able to measure the success of each digital marketing channel in relation to your goals?

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