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While most companies understand the importance of data and analytics, few are properly leveraging their data to influence business decisions and predict future outcomes.

Companies need the right tools, applications, data sources, organizational focus, and most of all, the right people/consultants to spearhead the effort. That’s where we can help.

Upspring’s consultants, strategists and developers can help transform your company into a data-driven organization.

It’s not enough just to know who your customers are.

Demographic information (i.e. age, gender, geographic location etc.) is just one part of the equation. To get ahead of the competition, businesses need to understand and segment their customers based on their behavior.

Due to technological advancements, organizations now have the ability to capture more customer behavior-based data - enabling them to make faster and smarter decisions for their business.

To get ahead of your competition, you need to be able to analyze, understand and create segments based on your customers’ behavior.

Data Services

Our consultants are able to:

Data analytics planning and strategy

  • Assess the current state of your data and analytics
  • Develop sample use cases and identifying areas of focus
  • Architect your data infrastructure and implementing new analytics capabilities
  • Ensure that you are capturing data at each customer touchpoint

Systems/data integration and development

  • Integrate and merge data from various sources (i.e. CRM, Google Analytics, rewards systems, sales/financial data, email send outs and social media analytics, etc.) through the use of existing tools, API’s and other custom solutions
  • Query and mine your data
  • Create web-based reporting interfaces to easily access your data
  • Implement data visualization tools to see your data in the form of various charts and graphs to easily spot trends

Data analysis, insights and recommendations

  • Suggest ways, based on the data, to segment your customers by their behavior. For example, customers who are prone to purchasing products based on upsell tactics should be grouped together.
  • Identify your most valuable customers and suggest ways to keep them.
  • Help you quantify which marketing touchpoints generate the highest return on investment.
  • Uncover trends and commonalities to enhance the overall customer journey
  • Provide recommendations to improve customer acquisition and increase customer retention

Execute your strategy

  • Create personalized content to send to each customer segment as appropriate
  • Implement workflow changes and process improvements as appropriate
  • Help to communicate the data strategy and its benefits to appropriate staff
  • Monitor performance and implement changes as needed

So, how exactly does it all work?

See below for a sample use case highlighting our data processes, services and outcomes.

Company X is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that relies on paid subscriptions for its revenue.

Their goal is to reduce customer churn, better predict customer behavior and take proactive measures towards customer retention.

Dataset usecase


Company X provides Upspring with a dataset of customers who have left or opted out of the service in the last year. The dataset includes demographic information such as age, geographic location, gender etc.


Armed with this data, we can identify high-level demographic trends but we need more data to better understand customer behavior.

Demographic data
Dataset usecase


To conduct a more thorough analysis, we need to integrate customer data from other systems.

We identify data sources that we can leverage – a CRM and Customer Usage system. Merging these data sources with the existing customer demographic dataset can provide valuable insight.


Upon merging these data sources, we notice the following behavioral patterns in customers who opt-out:

  • Majority are on short-term or month-to-month contracts
  • Majority of customers are not using a key feature of the SaaS
  • Service usage falls below a certain threshold
  • They have less than optimal Internet connection speeds
Demographic data
Dataset usecase


We now have a more accurate profile of customers who are most loyal to those who are most likely to leave. Company X can now be proactive and make the necessary product changes and offer various personalized promotions to reduce their customer churn.

While most companies understand the importance and benefits of data and analytics, few are properly leveraging their data to influence business decisions and predict future outcomes.

Your data is safe with us.

We have strict internal policies for data handling and analysis. We collect only what is necessary and limit access to authorized users. Any internal transmission of data is safeguarded through encryption, secure shells, password protection and virtual private networks. Our physical workstations and storage devices also follow strict internal security policies.

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